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What Is Commercial Credit? And How it Can Work for You

A business looking for commercial credit will apply with their bank. The bank will check the company’s business profile.

For an unsecured commercial line of credit, the business will undergo much stricter scrutiny. This is because unsecured financing is more of a credit risk to lenders. Whereas for a secured commercial lending solution, the lender will check on the value of the collateral on offer.

How to Run a Business – Practical Tips for Newbies

A big part of any business plan needs to be figuring out how you’re going to get and use money. Your small business success is riding on it!

Often, we think about bootstrapping. That is, the idea of starting a business—your own business and financing it yourself. But even if you have the money, it’s not sustainable.

Credit Key Review

Credit Key allows businesses to extend payments when purchasing goods and services, while the business they are purchasing from still gets their funds immediately. It’s a win-win!

Business Credit Card vs Personal—What’s Best for YOUR Business?

Sometimes, people get a credit card which they believe to be a business credit card, but those are actually personal credit cards with the name of a business on them. If a card reports to TransUnion, and not to Dun & Bradstreet, then by definition it is not a business credit card.